Only in Their Mind ~ Casey Key Sale

I am always amazed by the negativity of what gets published.

Today we see side by side articles in the Sarasota Herald Tribune Business Weekly. One painting a picture about future foreclosures and another touting some event from two years ago.

There seems to be an incredible fascination with the negative and events from years past.

Let’s move on to the reality of today!  Yes it is still a market with many question marks.  However, there are also some pretty amazing things going on out there.

Two sales have closed recently – one for more than $7 million and one for more than $6 million. There are several other ultra-luxury properties that are currently under contract in Sarasota County. The number of homes for sale is declining. We had 12 groups through one property yesterday during an open house – half of them were real buyers (remember it is August).

The long and the short – people are out there buying the best properties and we are a destination market.

I believe you need to understand and learn from the past – but you cannot dwell on it. Focusing on something negative from two years ago that does not pertain to today is just a waste of time.

The headline read “Infamous Non-Sale Still Lingers.” I think it only lingers in certain peoples minds. The rest of us are poised and ready to embrace today and the future.