Maryland and an $11,000,000 Week

It is always great to visit my son at the University of Maryland. It was a mediocre Big 10 football game last Saturday but we got to see family and friends and enjoyed the weekend away. The campus is beautiful and Washington D.C is always fun!

The recurring theme throughout the weekend with everyone we met was a genuine concern about how we made it through hurricane IRMA. We always talk about how fortunate we were. The question that always follows once they know I am in real estate is “how has it impacted the real estate market”?

I wrote a note a week or so after the storm that I thought the impact would be manageable. Well, I am not sure I can say the storm somehow helped the market but I can tell you that we have never been busier.

In the last week we put a home in Prestancia under contract, our new listing on Lido Shores went under contract in less than a week, we put a Founders Club listing under contract, we worked with both buyer and seller to put a home in Coral Cove under contract, and we put a home east of trail under contract in less than 72 hours. Total contract volume more than $11,000,000 in less than a week. In addition, we received offers on three other listings with listing prices totaling more than $5,000,000. Whether we can get these offers to contract is yet to be determined!

So, in summary, all I can say is the market is moving along just fine. My wife says we should plan more getaways because every time we do we get showing requests, offers and contracts. I guess that is Murphy’s Law, but I have no complaints.


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