West of Trail

History of West of Trail Neighborhoods

Historic Sarasota Real Estate If you’re looking for a conveniently located, safe and upscale community that celebrates the history and architecture of Sarasota, West of Trail Neighborhoods is where you need to be. Incorporated in 1902 and named a city in 1913, Sarasota was once a group of smaller communities... | READ MORE

West of Trail Area Neighborhoods

What are the West of Trail Neighborhoods? The West of Trail Neighborhoods in downtown Sarasota include an eclectic mix of nearly 35 communities with exclusive homes of varying traditional and modern styles. You’ll find everything from Tudor and Spanish mansions to bungalows or 1940s ranch-style homes. As Sarasota was established... | READ MORE

About West of Trail Community

The West of Trail historic neighborhoods are some of the most thriving and vibrant Sarasota real estate markets and an excellent location to consider a home purchase in the near future. The West of Trail neighborhoods are some of the most desirable in Sarasota, with premier access to best entertainment,... | READ MORE

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