Matt Sevarino

Matt has worked with the Soda Group under the tutelage of veteran sales associates Jim and Donna Soda since early 2020. “Having the best of the best at my fingertips for consult is of significant value to my customers and me. I had the benefit of immediate experience flowing through my veins as opposed to waiting years for it to settle in.” Matt’s focus is in both Manatee and Sarasota counties, placing customers into existing homes and new construction. “With all the new communities continuing to arise, working with builders and learning about their offerings and differences is an exciting part of my job – and it will assuredly pay dividends to my customers.”

For the last 20 years, Matt worked in international finance culminating while living in London as the chief financial officer for Europe in GE Power’s field service division. Matt’s responsibilities stretched over 75 countries with staff in excess of 500. His experience and love for different cultures allow for a unique understanding of customer needs from financial, choice of neighborhood, and home-buying standpoints. A desire to reduce the heavy travel load led Matt to dive head-first into the local real estate industry. “I love this area and enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor 10 feet from my home instead of 10,000 miles away from it.”

An avid golfer, Matt is familiar with the area’s best public and semi-private golf courses including Lakewood National, Esplanade, Legacy, and Waterlefe to name just a few. Having been a former soccer player and coach in the area, Matt is also familiar with various competitive youth sports programs that the area counties have to offer to families.
A particular passion of Matt’s is carpentry and home improvement. “My father and grandfather repaired everything themselves…and with high quality. They demanded I learn and do the same.” Whether listing your home or looking for the perfect one to purchase, Matt has an eye for what needs to be improved and with what to be concerned. “A home is likely the largest investment we’ll all make in our lives – my customers deserve a caring and skillful eye to look out for them.”

Matt and his wife, Lora, moved to Lakewood Ranch from Rocky Hill and Farmington, CT in 2008. Both graduates of the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, they are Huskies fans through and through. However, with their oldest son studying computer engineering at UCF, and their other two sons both enrolled in the international baccalaureate program at Southeast High School, they are big fans of the Golden Knights and Seminoles as well. “We fell in love with Manatee and Sarasota counties immediately. Their offerings to people across the age spectrum are simply unmatched anywhere in the country.”